Shopper Stock Take 2018

In this latest edition of our trends reports

We deliver the shopper perspective behind the behaviours that drive the sales results and retail news.

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Trust Issues: In this latest edition of our trends report

In our day to day work with clients we’ve noticed a more obvious cynicism among consumers emerging, so we wanted to look at how deep rooted this is, and the degree to which a mindset can drive action.

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To add to the debate we felt it was time to complement the usual data with a look at how shoppers think or feel about the retail sector in the UK. So we’ve set a benchmark with our Shopper Stock Take. We collaborate with the team at the IPM in order to cast a light on POS and we also thought it was time to take a closer look at this cohort of shoppers called Gen Z.

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We have spent serious time with some shoppers who are fragmenting their shopping, so that we could really get under the skin of how missions are morphing for these shoppers. We also ask whether being connected eases the purchase process, or is it just another point of frustration for shoppers. In our Power of Packaging WindowOn we look at how category ‘cues’ work, the complexity of breaking packaging norms and how colour can help (or hinder) shoppers.

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We all know how shoppers have had to become more savvy in their shopping habits. Our WindowOn reports this year show the discounter trend in sharp relief. Are UK shoppers really switching from big main grocery shops to smaller, more frequent shops. We also take a look at seasonal shopping trends.

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Plain old brown cardboard is now a hero in the packaging world not just as a symbol of sustainability but also as a source of creativity and joy...who knew! Great insight from all the speakers @stevegell @gdruk @shoppercentric @popaiuki

Digital disruption and the effect on shoppers now with Danielle Pinnington from @shoppercentric at this mornings #POPAISeminar in Manchester

Retailers should be keeping tabs on generation Z, here are insights into why and how from Danielle Pinnington, MD at @shoppercentric. Danielle explains how to use stereotyping of the generation in a useful way. #retaildesign #retail #rde2018 #rde2019

Looking forward to talking about Digital Disruption with @popaiuki on Thursday - see you there!

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