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SmartTVs and wearable devices have yet to make an impact on shopping patterns, according to the annual Shopper Stock Take report from Shoppercentric, involving 1,020 UK consumers.

Computers/laptops were cited as the most used touchpoint – up 6% on 2017 to 63%. In second place was smartphones with a 18% increase on last year, to 45%. Tablets secured the third place spot with 29%, up 8% on 2017. And despite a number of retailers and brands moving away from catalogues, usage by shoppers rose to 22%, up 4% on 2017.

In terms of smartphones, the most striking shifts in usage were at the points of trigger and transaction. There has been a 7% increase (to 58%) in the number of shoppers that have been triggered to shop by content on their smartphone. Carrying out ‘research’ has remained on a par with last year at 61%. However, finding an item has risen by 4%, to 60%. There has also been a significant 7% increase in the number of shoppers using their devices to buy a product – now accounting for 42%.

Whilst 18-34 year olds are those most likely to use their smartphones to shop (66%), even 65+ year olds showed a year-on-year increase of 11 to 16%. In fact, 65+ year olds are just as likely as 18-24 year olds to shop on a computer/pc (64 vs 65% respectively) and 65+ year olds are more likely to use a tablet than 18-24 year olds (32 vs 25% respectively).

Retail Technology Innovation Hub

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